Digital Paperless Publishing

  1. What is Docuhut?
    Docuhut is a digital paperless publishing solution which converts your books, manuals, letters, catalogues and all printed materials to a digital version that combines our normal reading style and the technologies.

  2. I have my own website and printed catalogue already, why do I need Digital book?
    Docuhut Digital book is NOT in an attempt to replace your website or catalogue. Its commonized reading style allows you to change its content frequently without any re-adaption from the audience e.g. your customer. It is an additional tool to enhance your sales and marketing power and to assist your new marketing or sales program. Gradually, you can reduce printed quantity of your traditional catalogue resulting in cost saving and be environmental friendly.

  3. What is the loading speed of the Digital book?
    Digital books produced using Docuhut solution use a patented streaming technology which allow pages of the Digital book to be downloaded while viewing at the same time. However, the loading speed also depends on the server location of the Digital book and that of the readers. To gain the fastest loading speed, localized hosting is highly recommended

  4. What kind of source files format should be provided for production of Digital books?
    For production of Digital books, you can provide us with high resolutions JPEG files [in RGB colors] or PDF files. If you need a searching function in your Digital book, you should provide us with text selectable PDF files.

    Illustrator (.ai) or Photoshop (.psd) files can also send to us for production, however extra cost will be applied for converting the files.

  5. What is the output files format of the Digital books?
    The output formats of the Digital books are HTML files, JPEG files and Adobe Flash files.

  6. What is the production time of a Digital book?
    If the provided source files of the materials are JPEG files [in RGB colors] or PDF files, the production time required for a Digital book with 50 pages will be 1 working day.

  7. Can the Digital books be viewed on Personal Computer and Macintosh? Do we need to install additional applications?
    Yes, the Digital books produced using Docuhut solution can be viewed on Personal Computer or Macintosh provided that the machine has an installed browser. The Digital book uses adobe flash as its core technology and thus there is no need to install additional applications or plugin as your browser should be come along with adobe flash player.

  8. What is the price for producing a Digital book using Docuhut solution?
    For the price of the producing a Digital book, please refer to the price section of this website.

  9. Do we need a special server platform to host the Digital books?
    No, you do not need a special server platform. Since the output file formats of the Digital book are HTML, JPEG and Flash files, thus a Linux or Windows web server is able to execute these files.

  10. Do we need a website to host the Digital books? If we do not have a domain name, do we have other solutions to host the Digital books?
    All you need to do is to upload all the output files we provide you to the web server and with your customized URL, your target viewers can view the Digital books through Internet.

    If you do not own a domain name, we can provide you a hosting service for your Digital book. Your Digital book will be assigned with a designated URL which your target viewers can access your Digital book.